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Tarzana located in the San Fernando Valley was owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Dr. Farahnaz Jalali chiropractic clinic is all about helping patients by providing the best chiropractic care. The passion of the chiropractor for providing chiropractic care began ever since the late 1980s. Till this day, her passion hasn’t faltered in any way, and she’s more about checking out the source of pain, rather than just dealing with symptoms.

Her patients have chosen her path to wellness to stay healthy. Working on helping all her patients is something that comes alongside her holistic approach. She also works with physiotherapy, exercises, and nutrition benefiting the patients those who visit her clinic specializing in chronic illness musculoskeletal therapy Tarzana.

What is Chronic Illness Musculoskeletal therapy Tarzana?

Chronic Illness Musculoskeletal therapy Tarzana (also known as Myotherapy) is the evidence-based assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of acute and chronic pain, injury and inflammatory conditions. The approach to the evaluation and treatment considers the body as a whole, so lifestyle, environmental, and psychosocial factors are estimated, along with an individual’s specific history and symptoms to obtain a true picture of a client and their state of health.

Why is Dr. Farahnaz Jalali’s clinic best for Chronic Illness Musculoskeletal therapy Tarzana?

Dr. Farahnaz Jalali is passionate about health and about helping people. She takes a holistic view of your musculoskeletal issues and will completely assess each individual. A treatment plan will be formed, aimed at both the immediate symptoms but more importantly any hidden mechanisms contributing to those symptoms.

With several years in the fitness industry both as an instructor and as an athlete, Dr. Farahnaz Jalali developed a passion for the human body. She enjoys the challenge that working with the body brings and understands that there is never a ‘one size fits all’ opportunity for treatment. She uses a variety of skills, including techniques proven to be effective in the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation.

How to get a hold of Dr. Farahnaz Jalali?

Dr. Farahnaz Jalali specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders. Her training in manual adjustment techniques helps her in proper adjustment of the spine and also eliminating the misalignments that are the root cause of all the health problems. She also helps patient’s deal with physical problems such as migraines, headaches, chronic body, back, hip pain and much more. Call Dr. Farahnaz Jalali at Farahnaz Jalali Chiropractic to book an appointment and get assessed to begin getting the right treatment. Pick up the phone today and book an early appointment today.

About Tarzana

Tarzana, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California has a population of 44,387 according to the last census. This region is in Los Angeles County. The important fact to note about living in Tarzana is that it offers the residents a suburban feel. Also when the majority of the residents own their homes, the economic progress can be estimated. In this part of LA, there are a number of coffee shops, restaurants, and parks. The other fact about Tarzana is the presence of young professionals who tend to have an interest in politics due to which changes are bound to happen.