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Tarzana located in San Fernando Valley has its history connected with Edgar Rice Burroughs. He was a famous author who owned a former ranch and named this area Tarzana on the jungle hero of his novel Tarzan. Dr. Jalali started practicing as a chiropractor in 1994 and is very passionate about maintaining and restoring their patients’ health. She believes in and uses a holistic approach in her chiropractic treatment as she includes all kinds of different healing techniques like physical therapy, exercises, and nutritious diet in addition to her chiropractic treatment adjustments to make sure that the best results are delivered.

Dr. Jalali also works keenly with other people from the healthcare industry such as medical doctors, podiatrists, acupuncturists, psychologists, and dentists for delivering the best results with respect to their patients’ health. She provides personalized treatment to each patient depending on their requirements.

What are the issues addressed by pre natal physical therapy Tarzana?

As the physical body changes to adapt and adjust to the needs of your growing child in the womb, you may experience discomfort, musculoskeletal, and pains. To cope up with all these issues, physical therapy is a very effective way that can help ward away your pain and even make your pregnancy comfortable in many ways. There may be arising various issues which will start making your back and neck feel in discomfort which is due to the hormonal release of Relaxin. This causes the ligaments to be a little lax and can put pressure on the lower back and pelvis which causes hip, pelvic or back pain.

How can pre natal physical therapy Tarzana help patients?

There are many treatments which can address the prenatal phase pains and aches during the pregnancy which include chiropractic care as it involves gentle physical exercises and stretches which don’t involve any side-effects. These stabilization exercises need the core and pelvic floor muscles to stabilize the lower back and pelvis during any movement. There are many patients who hesitate to practice physical exercises in pregnancy but there is absolutely no reason to feel so and it is very safe. In fact, it is suggested that pregnant women ideally exercise for 3-4 times a week for 15 minutes at once. The exercises may include yoga, walking, pelvic core, and swimming.

Why go to Jalali Chiropractic Clinic and care for pre natal physical therapy Tarzana?

Many women believe that the pain, discomfort or pressure that they go through during pregnancy or even after the delivery is quite normal and will gradually go away. But this is not always true as there is a lot more to women’s pelvic physical therapy and it highly makes sense after the childbirth. The team at Jalali Chiropractic Clinic takes care of their patients by healing them with customized physical therapy treatments and exercises. Also, they make sure that healing is done to the point with the help of their education and experience.

About Tarzana

Tarzana a residential community is located in Los Angeles, California. It was occupied by Spanish settlers in the year 1797. The area was further absorbed by Mexico but the Mexican-American war ceded the land to the United States in the year 1848. This can surely be said a modern city now with several facilities for all the residents.